Power Plant Moorburg Cooling Water Removal Building

In the course of the new construction project for the Moorburg power plant, a larger cooling water extraction structure became necessary, whose technical boundary conditions were created by new ecological requirements and the needs for cooling water of the two new power plant units.

In 2008, the contract to remodel the extraction structure was awarded to a joint venture consisting of F+Z Baugesellschaft (formerly Bilfinger MOS) and AUG. Prien GmbH.

The extraction structure, consisting of two caissons, had to be lowered to enlarge the pump inlet cross-sections. The inflow openings of the extraction structure were lowered under the protection of a sheet pile wall excavation pit with several bracing levels constructed in the southern Elbe. A reinforced underwater concrete base with Gewi piles as buoyancy protection has been constructed inside the excavation pit for this purpose. The interior of the building was completely rebuilt and adapted to the new hydraulic requirements. All concrete surfaces were renovated and the technical equipment renewed.

In addition to the construction work, the technical offices of the consortium partners carried out the complete technical processing for the structures constructed as well as the construction and intermediate stages.

Buildingcosts: 16,4 Mio. €
Location: Hamburg