New Construction Rugenberger Lock

The new building commissioned to the "Arbeitsgemeinschaft Rethebrücke" with the participation of F + Z is one of the most important infrastructure projects in the Port of Hamburg.

In the course of the restructuring and to improve the accessibility of the Burchardkai Container Terminal (CTB), the construction of a second efficient onshore connection of the terminal via Rugenberger Damm to Finkenwerder Straße south of Rugenberger Locks provided.

The new construction of the Rugenberg lock in the Port of Hamburg was carried out by a joint venture of F + Z, Prien Bauunternehmung and Heinrich Rönner GmbH.

After the dismantling of the old northern lock chamber, a new chamber (127 m long, 18 m wide) including heads could be erected on the same site. Furthermore, a new road bridge in reinforced concrete frame construction and a pipeline bridge over the lock chamber were built. The area of the southern lock has been partially demolished and filled. The contract also included road construction work for the connection to the Rugenberger and Altenwerder dams, the construction of the company site including sewer and underground pipeline construction as well as paving and road works. In addition to the difficult ground conditions and the complex construction process, the turnkey construction of four architecturally demanding buildings (company building, emergency control position and 2 stair towers) is to be emphasized.

The piling work for the construction of the combined sheet piling walls and the inclined piles to be installed by means of swinging leader piles was carried out entirely with the company's own floating equipment.

The contract finally included the entire implementation planning including foundation, reinforced concrete construction, hydraulic steel construction, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering. The planning services were provided proportionately by the technical office of F + Z.

Buildingcosts: 18,96 Mio. €
Location: Hamburg