Lock Brunsbüttel Extension Breakwater 2

The new construction of the 5th lock chamber of the NOK lock in Brunsbüttel necessitates a redesign of the outer harbour and the leading light line: The pier structure is extended by approx. 50 m and the leading light at the pier head is moved into the Elbe. To do this, the existing pier head must be broken off.

A new 75 m long pier wall including pier head is being built on the existing pier body. The contract to carry out the construction project was awarded to F + Z on a secondary bid. This included the implementation planning by Bilfinger's technical office.

A transverse bulkhead wall was incorporated into the existing structure as a combined sheet pile wall to secure the existing whey body. The historic pier structure consisted of a wooden pile foundation with a filling of fascines and stone fills. In order to ensure that the combined sheet pile wall was installed in the correct position, loosening holes were drilled in the sheet pile wall route. The bulkhead wall has been anchored with 63.5 mm thick Gewi bored piles.

To ensure that the actual pier wall can withstand the high shaft loads, it was build as a mixed pipe wall from 1,420 mm thick support tubes with intermediate planks (AZ 26-700). Anchoring was carried out with driven steel piles. These were composed in the upper, free-standing part of 711 mm thick pipes and in the anchoring area of steel girder profiles (PSt 600). The individual piles were up to 64 m long.

The pier head consists of a circular cell with a diameter of around 13 m, which was designed as a mixed pipe wall. The pipes of the circular cell were connected via a reinforced concrete ring in the head and ensure the protection of the separate beacon foundation. The beacon was founded by means of a bollard made of three steel tubes with a diameter of 914 mm. This was brought together in a reinforced concrete pile head slab.

Due to the exposed location in the entrance area of the large sea locks, dolphin poles were laid around the pier structure. The diameters of the approach dolphins of 1,220 and 1,620 mm result depending on the position and absorbable mooring energy.

The location of the construction site at the mouth of the Elbe requires the use of large floating equipment. The F + Z - own jack-up platform "Annegret" is best suited for the tasks that must be carried out from a fixed platform.

Buildingcosts: 5,44 Mio. €
Location: Brunsbüttel