Gryfia Shipyard Island, Odra River, Szczecin Poland

Production site for offshore wind turbine foundations in Szczecin

BMO is building a production facility in Szczecin for offshore wind turbine foundations, such as jackets and transition pieces. In order to be able to load these large and heavy components on deep-sea pontoons, a gantry crane will pick them up from the landside storage area and drive them over the waiting pontoon and set down. For this purpose, the eastern and western crane runway will be extended by about 145m, creating a harbor basin.

The pile driving for the construction of the new quay facilities and the crane runway was carried out on behalf of Porr Poland by F + Z Baugesellschaft (formerly Bilfinger MOS).

Overall, a new sheet piling was rammed to a total length of 248.5m, which was back anchored in a section over 22 horizontal anchors with the old quay wall, while in the remaining areas with 66 HTM 600/136 inclined piles under an average inclination of 45 ° is held. A main gas pipe, which supplies the island, was integrated into the sheet piling.

The eastern crane runway beam was founded in the area of ​​the land side on prefabricated concrete piles, in the waterside area on 29 support tubes D = 508x16. The western crane runway was founded on 73 carrying tubes D = 1067x16. The beam is held by 18 pieces of inclined piles, each with a length of 45m

Buildingcosts: 3,2 Mio. €
Location: Stettin, Poland