Foundations Tresfjord Bridge, Norway

In a joint venture with Bilfinger Infrastructure S.A., F + Z was awarded the contract to build the foundations of the Norwegian Tresfjord Bridge:

It is part of an approximately 20 km long extension of the European road E 136 in Norway, which connects the port of Ålesund with the city of Dombås. The new 1,290 m long prestressed concrete bridge will span the Tresfjord between the cities of Vestnes and Vikebukt. A total of 13.5 m wide, it offers 9 m of space for lanes and 3 m for pedestrian paths.

The foundation work is particularly demanding in this project - after all, the North Sea is up to 40 m deep here. 13 bridge piers are being founded on a total of 8,744 m of concreted tubular steel piles with a diameter of 1.22 m. Each of these groups of piles consists of an average of 16 tubular steel piles with rock tops and a length of 42 to 56 m.

This work was carried out F + Z before Bilfinger Schalungsbau started the formwork work

Buildingcosts: 13,5 Mio. €
Location: Vestnes / Vikebukt