Traditional Hanseatic brand with high competence

The origins of F + Z Baugesellschaft lie in port construction and go back to the middle of the 19th century. In the following decades, the company acquired a first-class reputation in the planning and implementation of demanding engineering and hydraulic engineering projects far beyond Germany's borders.

Founding of Fluck & Sohn in the Baltic Sea region

Founding of the company J.P.A. Hintzpeter

1930-er Jahre
Merger of the two companies to Fluck & Sohn; J.P.A. Hintzpeter

Relocation of the company headquarters to Hamburg. In the first years the activities concentrate on the reconstruction of the port.

Renaming to Fluck and Zenk Baugesellschaft

Takeover by the Bilfinger + Berger Group and founding of F + Z Baugesellschaft mbH

Re-Founding of F + Z Baugesellschaft mbH
With the establishment of this subsidiary, the Bilfinger + Berger Group is strengthening its activities in the field of civil engineering and hydraulic engineering. The company specialises in the planning and realisation of quay facilities, locks, flood protection facilities, foundations of bridges, pier facilities, jetties and dolphins.

F + Z successfully implements a wide variety of demanding engineering and hydraulic engineering projects in Northern Germany, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. In the offshore foundations segment, Bilfinger/F + Z is the market leader in the planning and execution of national and international offshore projects. Four of the world's largest offshore wind farms are based on Bilfinger/F + Z foundations, including the currently largest offshore wind farm "London Array".

Merger of F + Z Baugesellschaft with Bilfinger Construction GmbH as "Port Construction and Offshore" business segment

Bilfinger Marine & Offshore Systems GmbH (BMOS) takes over the "Port Construction and Offshore" business segment as part of an asset deal

Separation of the "Port Construction and Offshore" business segment into the two segments "Port and Civil Engineering" and "Offshore

Takeover of the "Port and Civil Engineering" business segment of BMOS by the Depenbrock Company Group

The range of services includes the planning, optimisation and execution of foundations and engineering structures in coastal and port areas. In port and structural hydraulic engineering, the range extends from locks, container terminals and infrastructure projects to offshore structures, pier and jetty, bridge infrastructures, ports and foundations.